Welcome to the state of Oregon’s legislatively mandated Registry of qualified and certified Health Care Interpreter (HCIs)!

Oregon Revised Statute(ORS) 413.550 requires working with certified and qualified HCIs. By law, qualified and certified HCIs have completed 60 hours of required training, demonstrated language proficiencies, applied for and received certification or qualification letters and identification numbers from the Oregon Health Authority. Interpreters who do not meet the above requirements are not approved by the Oregon Health Authority and therefore not listed on the mandated state Registry.

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To apply to become an HCI, please submit your application and supporting documents via email to hci.program@odhsoha.oregon.gov.

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Notice: Sign Language Health Care Interpreters

Beginning January 1, 2024, most individuals providing signed language interpretation services are required to be licensed by the Health Licensing Office within the Oregon Health Authority. Licensure is a new requirement under House Bill 2696, passed by the Legislature in 2023. In addition, a person may not employ or contract with an individual who is not a licensed signed language interpreter, on and after January 1, 2024, except under some circumstances. The individuals who are credentialed by the Oregon Health Authority’s Health Care Interpreter (HCI) Program and who are on the HCI Registry as a signed language interpreter, may not be licensed. Licensure is different from being on the HCI Registry. If you are searching the HCI registry in order to find a signed language health care interpreter, you should inquire about whether the individual is also licensed. For more information about signed language interpretation licensure please visit the Health Licensing Office’s website.